Agar-Agar is a food additive used widely due to its gelling, stabilizing and thickening properties. It is approved in the EU with the code E-406.

It can be supplied in several particle sizes powder with different gel strength levels, and Agar-Agar in  Strips.

Due to its vegetable originand its preparation, it is a gelatine suitable for Kosher and Halal requests.


It is a very stable natural extract, which is soluble in boiling water within a few minutes, producing a perfectly clean and resistant gel when cooling. Its product characteristics allow it:

-To form gels at very low concentration, maintaining moisture content very stable, due to its low syneresis.

-To be a cohesive support of dietetic food products because of its low caloric contribution and fiber effect, helping to regulate intestinal tract.

-To form reversible gels, as they can be melt again if necessary.

-To offer additionally a high resistance during sterilization treatments.


Being a vegetable gelatine of marine origin, it has the added advantage of providing higher gel strengths, being cheaper and healthier than other gelatines, so that its consumption has been increased in food industry. Its application is suitable for baking, pastry and cookies industries; dairy industries for yogurts, curds, custards, ice creams, etc. It is also well know the use in confectionery for making jellies, marshmallows, soft candies, chocolates, etc. In addition, it provides many advantages in meat and canning industries in general, stabilizing the product and helping to obtain a better appearance.

Agar-Agar is well accepted in many vegetarian and health foods. Its range of applications has become so wide that it has reached to household uses and modern cooking, in which Agar-Agar is becoming increasingly popular.

Let us know your requirements enabling us to advise you regarding the Agar-Agar quality that can meet your needs.

Food grade Agar-Agar